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If you’re even mildly interested in a sword (which I’m assuming you are—you’re reading a blog about a sword weight loss exercise), head over to Steel MBS’s Facebook Page right freaking now.

We’re running a giveaway for a free 2-handed sword, sword sheath, and workout DVD. That’s nearly our entire package—$150.00 value—and you have the chance to win it!

Head over to the sweepstakes page by clicking on the handsome gentleman below:


For a name, your email, and a like, you could be swinging your own kickass sword around, losing weight and looking like a total B.A. (that stands for bad-ass in case you were confused).

Want to beat the system? Share the contest with your friends. For every person that enters the contest through your share, you will get one extra entry. Hint: you can make a killing sharing the contest with your D&D group or Magic: The Gathering crew or your stoner friends that think swords are “tight”.

If you dig this blog and the nerdy crap that I talk about, head over to Twitter and follow us. We’re currently reworking our social media strategy and if you’re entertained by this collection of word vomit, I think you’re really going to be stoked on our Twitter account’s new direction.


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    What’s this space for?


    • Steel MBS


      It’s for comments!


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