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Do You Have a Favorite Weight Loss Exercise?

Working out in general is tough…but we’ve already established that working out is not our favorite thing to do. Finding the right workout is also tough, but once you decide upon a particular direction and the type of results you want, then it’s all pretty simple.

You want a weight loss exercise? Great, boom, check off step 1. Now that you’ve decided on a particular result, it’s time to actually find a workout!

So, there are about 50 different gym workouts that you could do for weight loss, but screw the gym—no one likes it there.


Running? HA. Boring. And it’s bad for your knees. We’re already going to have carpal tunnel in our wrists from gaming so hard. The last thing we need is a bad knee or two.

Swimming? I can’t say anything to knock this weight loss exercise, but do you have a pool? Public pools are okay I guess if you’re cool with swimming in the sweat and urine of your neighbors. Hey, whatever floats your boat, Man.

Steel MBS? Now we’re talking! I’d swing a sword before I’d run or swim any day. It’s like being able to play a videogame in real life, except the buttons aren’t tied to any move in particular. It’s complete freedom with the bonus of being a truly effective workout!

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