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Group exercisers who have only heard the swish of a blade from the confines of a movie theater can now grasp a Sword and become the stars of their own shows through Steel MBS. A martial arts format adapted for the home workout or group class setting, Steel MBS enables participants to experience firsthand the power of the Mind, Body and Soul with this weight loss exercise that involves moving a sword like a Samurai.

Working at a very high intensity, in Steel MBS you start and finish with a weapon, very much like a Thai Chi Workout, Even though most students don’t know what a kata is, but they build their physical strength along with their Mental strength with this Sword Training Exercises and reap the benefits of their Mind Body and Soul.

The dynamic Steel MBS format draws on two elements of Thai Chi and a Sword Workout. Yet these elements include no physical contact. The dull-tipped “fitness” swords used in your Home Workout are made of real steel slicing and cutting is done only through air. As a result, swords can do no damage unless they are handled improperly.

Steel MBS is A form of moving meditation. Participants feel empowered holding a weapon in their hands while concentrating on executing the moves correctly. “Your mind becomes stronger because you have to be present and focus.”

The low impact, high intensity lower-body movements elevate heart rate and improve cardiovasculor fitness while the sword movements sculpt, dramatically changing the shape of arms, shoulders and back. Repetitive movement patterns can be improved upon and eventually mastered. “It’s not about choreography or intricate moves or routines that you create. It is about relaxing your mind,”

Like traditional group exercise classes, moves are executed according to the beat and phrase. The high intensity, low impact moves, repeated over and over again to trance music between 135 and 140bpm, involve various combinations of squats, lunges and steps across the floor.

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