The Path to Physicality

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Physical Strength is Manly or Something…

You’re here for one of two reasons: you like swords, or you like the idea of swinging them around. Either way, welcome!


Something that comes along with swinging steel around is physical strength. My last blog post berated physicality and explained why mental strength is way more important to living life. Okay, so I knocked the people that want to get buff, I’m sorry, and I’m going to make it up to you by proving that physical strength is a necessary part of being a badass, sword wielding beast man/woman (because deep down, that’s what we all want to be).

I don’t think someone needs a body strength fitness workout to get buff. Actually, I think it’s counterproductive to your health. Why do something you dislike to get toned up, when you could be doing something you actually like and getting toned up? If you want to play with swords, then do it! Because you’re going to see results and one day you might even look like the dashing lads on the left and right that you probably took a few minutes to stare at before reading this. Well, probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to have a dream. So maybe you won’t look like the Khal, but I can guarantee that you will have greater physical strength!

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