The Gym Sucks

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Gym workouts are lame

“Yes, stoked to go to the gym and workout on a bunch of equipment that hundreds of people have sweated all over. I love the smell of body odor!” said that guy who’s obsessed with gym workouts and who isn’t your friend anymore because he was always trying to sniff you.

Look, I get it, some people like the gym. I used to be a gym guy myself, and I used to enjoy it. More specifically I enjoyed the results; I always hated the smell and the people and the music. That’s why I decided that gym workouts weren’t for me.

Putting someone with an imagination in the gym and telling them to follow a strict gym workout is like caging a wild animal. It’s wrong man! We don’t thrive in that environment. So leave the gym to people that belong there like this guy:


And this guy:


There are plenty of alternative workouts for people who aren’t all about the gym. Don’t feel discouraged with your health or fitness just because the gym isn’t for you. Go for a run. Go swimming. Ride a bike. Try Steel MBS! The point is, everyone should have some kind of exercise in his or her routine. Whatever that is for you, find it, rock it, and enjoy life.

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