The Curse of Buying Dumb Stuff Online

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Take My Money Because I’m Weak

I’m the most impulsive online shopper. And Google knows it, those bastards. If they have a ranking system for online consumers, the phrase next to my name would say “take my money”.

But it’s not my fault! If the Internet didn’t allow you buy anything you could imagine, my bank account would have a few more zeros in it. The sad truth is that I can’t help myself and there are a lot of us out there: impulse buyers with a knack for finding the coolest, most random things that we can’t say no to. Check out a few of my ridiculous impulse buys…I’m not exceptionally proud.

Color Changing Shower Head! 51KD+6oi9-L It’s a psychedelic journey every time I turn on my shower!

Star Wars Sun Shade! star-wars-sun-shade You aren’t a true fan unless you have one of these keeping the sun off your hoopty’s interior.

Desktop Ballista! desktop-ballista-297x250 I’ve been asserting my dominance in the office for a while now with a pair of these bad boys.

Magnetic Smart Putty! magnetic-smart-putty1-300x250 There is literally no point to this stuff, but you can’t deny how fun it would be to play with! At least for 10 minutes until you get bored and buy something else.

Three Player Chess! three-player-chess-board-300x250 Taking chess to the next level! Now I just need two friends to play it with…

This is only a short list of the dumb stuff I’ve purchased online. If you have “take my money” printed on your forehead like me, then comment with a few of the gems you’ve bought online.

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