Tai Chi vs. Steel MBS

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Ever Tried a Tai Chi Workout?

The history of tai chi is expansive, and you won’t find it detailed in its entirety here. That’s what Wikipedia is for. But what you will find here is a parallel between the values of tai chi and Steel MBS.

A tai chi workout consists of many aspects you would find in a yoga practice. There’s controlled breathing and movements, both of which promote a centeredness that should be harnessed—an awareness of only the current moment. It’s beautiful and freeing to be able to lose your consciousness in a form of meditation that incorporates determined movement.

I’ve experimented with many exercises other than yoga and tai chi; most have been inadequate in my opinion, but there is something special about Steel MBS (one of the reasons I decided to blog for them). It has to be the sword—it’s one of the only differences that separates Steel MBS from those other workouts that attempt to achieve a level of movement-driven meditation.

A tai chi workout incorporates rounded flowing movements; movements that can be done in the same manner with a sword, adding not only an increased level of intensity, but also allowing your consciousness to be channeled through an object. The sword allows those who struggle to achieve a meditative state to more easily achieve inner calmness.

This all sounds like existential bull, but truthfully, once you start practicing, the sword takes on a presence of it’s own–like a workout partner, but one with immense power.

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