Sword Training Hits Its Stride

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Thousands of Years Can’t be Wrong

Workout trends come and go. Anti-gravity, Shake Weight, you name it. But one thing that’s been around for, well, a long time is sword training. It seems that pop culture has commandeered it and turned it into a workout CatCatchesTheRat2routine. But there are, of course, several ways to look at workout routines.

Body image, and physical transformation are usually the first result that people are after. “Core” is the buzzword these days. If a workout is going to gain any traction at all, it has to promise a hard midsection. Sword training definitely delivers in this market. In fact, it targets the core with great efficiency. But it’s not limited to that. Part of the benefit of training with a sword, is the constant support of the weight of the sword. Held throughout slow controlled movement results in an isometric workout second to none. This is combined with the inherent “ready” stance that sword training is conducted from, and you end up with a pretty fit lower body as well.

Mindfulness is really the winner with sword training though. Just like a good yoga class, or meditation, the mindful repose that comes along with this form of training is helpful on levels that a gym workout just can’t compare.

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