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When I was skimming the “What’s New At CAN DO” board last week, I noticed a posting for new Workout Programs being taught that included a Sword Workout. The flyer explained that the class consisted of swinging a wooden sword in various motions to give you a total body workout. Learning that, I was hooked immediately and I scheduled the next class into my planner. I mean, come on! What’s better than hacking and slashing a sword in the air while getting a workout while you do it? Exactly, nothing. When I arrived at the Sword Training Class on Thursday morning, I was seriously pumped to channel the inner swordsman in me.

Picking up the sword, I noticed that it was much lighter than what I expected. I was wondering how such an airy weapon could give my muscles any trouble, but then we started the workout. Toni quickly showed us that it was not the weight of the sword that would give us the workout, but the action of having to constantly control it. Specifically, you would wind up a swing and then half to stop it within a hundredth of a second. After ten minutes of these fast but controlled movements, my arms, abs, and legs were already sore.

As for the movements themselves, we started off with simple cuts and swings but then slowly strung them together into patterns and combinations. For example, we would do a set of swinging the sword diagonally in front of us, but then combine that motion with a forward lunge. Towards the end, our routines became very intense but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was doing all of it flawlessly since we had practiced the various progressions so many times. There were a few amazed onlookers that watched us make two blocking motions forward, sideway lunge to the left with two cuts, sideway lunge to the right with one overhead hack, do a straight squat with a head slash, and do alternating lunges backward while thrusting the sword in front of us.

As I’m writing this review the day after the class, almost my entire body is sore, especially my arms (it kind of hurts to type). I was amazed at what an amazing workout the class gave me. The various movements of the sword makes you use all the small muscles of your body that you don’t usually train when doing a workout. I will be doing this class every week now because not only is it great training, it is extremely fun. Even if you are a total pacifist, I cannot recommend this class enough.

This Gym only offers Workout Programs with wooden swords. If you are looking for a Sword Workout that is far more intense, and with a real sword, Try Steel MBS!

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