Sword Fighting Becomes the Latest Workout

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Sword-FIghting If you’re looking for a new workout or a new hobby, we found a strange but interesting one that will take you back about 600 years. We’re talking about sword fighting, and yes, there’s a school that will teach you how to do it in Colorado Springs. It’s called the Black Falcon School. It’s been around for about 16 years and it all got started with an epic 16th birthday party. “We put together foam sticks and ran into the woods at Palmer Park and started hitting each other,” said co-founder Ben Holman. “At some point we thought we’re just making this up as we go along so maybe we should learn how they did it in the middle ages,” said the other co-founder Ben Roberts. And they did just that, researching the art of sword fighting on the internet, even tracking down some old manuscripts from Great Britain, the core of what they teach. The question was if anyone else would be interested. Turns out, that wasn’t a problem and the interest is only growing with shows like Game of Thrones. “All my life i’ve wanted to become swordsman,” said veteran student Allan Griffith. “I have interest in history, weapons and fantasy, said beginner student Lorien Marooney. Not only are you learning a cool new art, its a good work out too. “I’m still sore from my first lesson. Its very physically demanding,” said Marooney. But its also mentally demanding. The footwork can be tricky and your hand eye coordination is tested constantly. Once you get the basics you can move on to the next level which is strapping on some gear and going to battle. The veterans said that’s when you get a true test of your skills and toughness. “I’ve been through a lot of martial arts training, but I’ve never experienced anything as complex,” said Griffith. His opponent, Scott Wiedmeyer said, “Your hands tend to take beating in our school. We’re known for that.” Something the veterans love and the new students strive for. “It’s amazing. I really do love this. A lot,” said beginner student Alex Stohner. The 12 week course is open to anyone over the age of 14 for $150. Then $40 a month after that. The next session will start at the beginning of April. Original article posted on KOAA

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