Success Kid Has More Brainz Than You

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Mental Strength = Exceedingly Important

Mental Strength is arguably the most important facet of the Steel MBS program. fist-pump-babyActually—let me rephrase that—it’s the most important facet! A strong state of mind is indispensable, I don’t care what you’re doing—LARPing, gaming, stabbing random stuff, working, whatever—you can’t get very far with a weak state of mind.

Physical strength is nice if you’re looking to throw around boulders or wear tight shirts to show off your man boobs, but in the grand scheme of things, “being ripped for being ripped’s” sake is a waste of time.

But having the strength of mind to handle any situation is the true definition of strength, for maintaining a strong and powerful state of mind will benefit every part of your life. Courage and confidence, two characteristics that define mental strength, will help you talk to women, order food at restaurants or a drink at a bar, write, speak properly, everything! Harnessing that inner beast-mode isn’t easy though. Hopefully Success Kid can be your motivation:

And remember, you’ve got it, just like Success Kid. He has mental strength for days! And apparently he focuses most of that strength on hating sandcastles, but it’s cool, we all have our thing.

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