LARP Fails

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Who Plays Dress Up Games?

LARPers do; the badasses of the super-nerd community. They don’t mess around with weak-ass videogames. They’re out there gaming in real life, slapping their enemies across the face with swords and axes and maces. Sure, they’re wrapped up in foam, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hurt when you get smacked with one; that doesn’t mean you won’t bleed. Check out how gnarly these Russian guys are!

Some of those weapons look sharpened. I wouldn’t even consider that in the category of dress up games—more like medieval war reenactment.

What would one of these blog posts be without a few fail videos? It would be lame, almost as lame as this archer trying to be all sneaky (or something):

“I will shoot you all with my—ah man!” That’s what he get’s for running up on a bunch of mail clad dudes. He tried to turn back, but it was too late.

This next one had me laughing out loud!

Slow motion makes everything better. Especially a shot to the face from a giant thor hammer wielded by some guy who painted his face white. That poor kid went to sleep! Maybe he’ll remember to keep his head on a swivel next time. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way…

And to finish it off, enjoy this fatal error aka spaz attack:

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