How to Make a LARP Weapon for Sword Exercises

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You do not need to drop $450 on a drop-forged Samurai weapon from the Ting dynasty (just made that up) to do sword exercises. You can get started today with a fine-looking DIY LARP weapon. Just having this phrase in your vocabulary gives you a certain amount of power. Say it a few times, allow the words to tumble and cartwheel off your tongue. Then, get into action.


You need some supplies and some tools.

The supplies:

(1) 1” wide Five-foot length of PVC pipe.

(1) Foam Camping Mat

(1) Roll of Duct Tape

(1) Roll Colored Tape (for handle, cross-piece, and/or handle end)

(1) 6” piece of wooden dowel or PVC pipe 3/8” in diameter

(1) Cord


The Tools:

Utility Knife (Retractable Carpenter’s Knife)

Carpenter’s Square

1 Black Sharpie Marker

Tape Measure

A Scrap Plywood Cutting Board

2 – C-Clamps

Drill and ⅜” bit

The Procedure for Creating Your LARP Weapon:

Lay the foam pad out on the cutting board. Measure the length of sword you want and draw the outline of the blade, plus the outline of the cross-piece and handle end. The simplest is to make the handle end a triangle. Make the blade at least 5” wide or more depending on the thickness of your PVC pipe. You want both sides of the foam to easily touch on either side of the PVC pipe and to form a sword-edge. Blade should be three to four feet long, plus 6” to 1’ for the handle, plus the handle end. You can cut the PVC pipe to fit, but you can’t re-cut the foam! So make sure it’s big enough.

Next, fold the camping pad in half lengthwise so that it is double-thick and screw the C-clamps tight so that the foam doesn’t slide apart. Set the square on the foam pad and cut along the lines through both thicknesses of foam. A few notes about cutting foam: If your foam is too thick to cut two layers, you may have to cut each half of the sword separately. Also, depending on the texture of foam, a sharp pair of full-sized scissors may work better.

Once you’ve got the foam cut in two identical pieces, cut the PVC pipe to length. Drill a hole through the PVC at one end for the cross-piece. Cut the cross-piece to length and put it through the hole. Then use the duct tape to attach the foam together at the edges. You may want next to wrap the entire blade with silver duct tape (the standard color). It makes a good metallic silver blade color! You can wrap your colored tape around the handle and/or cross-piece and/or sword end.

That’s it! Now take your LARP weapon to your favorite sword workout spot and do your routine!

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