How to Find a Routine:

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What Kind of Workout Routines Do You Like?

Getting into workout routines takes commitment. It takes drive, and a willingness to put in some serious work. For me, that work is usually the drive to the gym. And isn’t that drive the worst—dwelling on what workout routines you’re going to do and dreading that you’ll have to drink out of the water fountain since you forgot your reusable bottle—it’s the worst.

Lucky for you, there are workout programs out there that allow you to get in shape without having to go anywhere. Examples, you ask? How about a set of push-ups and sit-ups? Sure, we can all do that, but the challenge is settling into a rotation, a set of workout routines that we consistently do.


One of the many workout programs I’ve tried in the past was P-90X. You’ve probably seen the infomercial—those people are ripped! Every time I saw their ad I would think to myself, “damn! I want to look like that!” So I tried it…and barfed after the first 20 minutes of the first DVD. Sadly, I haven’t attempted it again, and it’s because I came to dread practicing that program.

But like I said, there are workout programs out there that I don’t dread. One of those is Steel MBS. Grab a sword, stretch, and find your peace. It’s like yoga, but I get to swing a sword! Don’t deny the awesomeness, my friend.

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