Healthy or not Healthy: That is the Question

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How does one define healthy? That is a question that drives a multi billion dollar health and beauty industry. For the most part our image of health is driven by exactly that – image. Rarely does the idea of perceived health transcend image – crossing the mind-body bridge. This is hammered home by the millions of dollars that consumers spend on home workout videos.

Shifting from the beachbody motivation, there is a rising interest in mind-body connection as a health goal. As this idea gains motivation, people are adopting an interest in “beauty from within”. Beauty is truly subjective and the current backlash against blatantly photoshopped images in mainstream media is fueling this shift.

So let’s try this again – how does one describe beauty? Now we’re talking. As trends shift from health defined as beauty, to beauty defined as health, alternative sources of fitness are popping up everywhere. Ironically, these trends are encouraging a rebirth of the oldest forms of fitness. Yoga, Qigong, meditation practice, and the like are thousands of years old. Melding physical performance and spiritual connectivity has become the new black.

Yin and Yang, self actualization, chi, and chakras, are the SEO of life, and happiness is associated with spiritual satisfaction instead of body satisfaction. Steel MBS combines the physical with the mind-body-spirit. Taking the meditative and balance therapy of Qigong and adding the physical control of sword training, it has creates a whole new level of health.

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