Epic Slo-Mo Epicness!

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Can You Handle the Awesome Sauce?

Have you heard of the Slo Mo Guys? They’re British and they film things then replay them in slow motion. Sounds epic right? Well, that’s because it is!

Their most recent video came out of a flopped attempt at shooting a pig eye with a BB gun. When that turned out to be kind of weak, they decided to just blow the melon up instead! (disclaimer: do not mess with explosives at home)

They’ve made tons of awesome sauce videos and posted them on youtube. Everything from paint on a speaker…

…to a giant water balloon that they had serious trouble popping.

If you’re a YouTube fanatic like me you know all about these guys, but if not, I hope you’re prepared to lose about four hours of your life to YouTube. The day I discovered this channel, I watched all of their videos and then proceeded to find another awesome sauce channel called Rooster Teeth. If you haven’t heard of either of these two channels I’ve mentioned, then you need to go out and redeem yourself. Come back with some proof that you’ve recovered your nerd / awesome card and then we can talk…

Okay I forgive you. How could I stay mad for long? You’re so awesome sauce! (yes, I’m obsessed with that phrase.

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