Elder Scrolls Online Has Launched!

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It takes great strength not to explore YouTube at work—great mental strength. The draw is so powerful. YouTube is basically a place of unlimited content from cat videos to workout videos to gaming trailers. The latter caught my attention today. I couldn’t resist; the draw was too powerful, and I didn’t care if the boss man saw me full screen, 1080p, my headphones on, chewing on a pen cap so fiercely that I ripped my gum open.

Because the new trailer for Elder Scrolls Online is out of this world! Check it out below:

I have no idea what’s going on, except that the she-elf is a one bad motherfucker. I haven’t done much research on the game (the mental strength at work thing usually holds me back), and when I get home from work, I usually don’t want to look at any screens.

If you dig swords or anything fantasy, then you know all about this game and you’ve probably read a few of the past blog posts about Skyrim. Elder Scrolls Online is a step into uncharted territory for the series—yeah, I’m talking about the online space. Elder Scrolls Online, as revealed in the title, is an MMORPG.

Fans of the series, console gamers, and MMO fanatics are all on the same page with their hope that this game will be the one to finally break down the boundary of cross-platform MMO gaming (successfully). I was going to wait for the Xbox One launch, but after that trailer…they got me. I’m downloading the Mac version as I type this!

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