Do You Like to Workout Inside?

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What’s Your Favorite at Home Fitness Video

Do you prefer to exercise at home watching a fitness video? That’s cool—everyone has his or her favorite method. Home workout videos do have a certain appeal. You can remain in the comfort and privacy of your own home, your favorite chair is there to take a break on, you can curse at the trainer without any repercussions—I get it. And there are so many different kinds!

Sorry, that video was too hilarious to pass up. Truly though, workout videos are worthwhile, but obviously you have to choose one that works for you. P90X comes with a few months worth of DVDs, but if you aren’t going to stick it out then you’re wasting your time and money.

Think simple, because simplicity is the key to beginning a consistent routine. Also, freedom of movement is a huge factor in a successful fitness video, and most videos don’t have that.

We’re all creative so why should we be held back by what a workout video tells us to do? I say “down with stale workout videos!” I’m calling for a revolution, for a new type of fitness video! Steel MBS is the answer to that call.

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