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I have a treat for you; a gem that I unearthed during one of my extended procrastination sessions on Buzzfeed. Yes, I take the quizzes. I can’t restrain myself from knowing which House of Cards character Buzzfeed thinks I am most like (Remy), or which Game of Thrones Character I am (Ygritte, wtf), or which classical author I would get along with best (Langston Hughes).

So I found a little treasure! Don’t worry; it’s not a quiz. Even better, it’s a list! Five of the best nerd workouts on the Internet, and Steel MBS made the list!

Check it out!


We aren’t number one, so obviously this list was made some light saber fan boy. But I can’t blame them…light sabers are probably the coolest sword/handheld light projection weapon ever.

That zombie running app is damn cool! I downloaded it, and with the right headphone, it can get pretty intense. Hearing a horde of zombies chasing you while you’re running is freaky! I had to stop using it though, because I kept sprinting down the street screaming and my neighbors called to complain…but you should check it out!

“The Ultimate Skyrim Workout”! This is totally worth a try. You might as well do something while slaying dragons besides developing carpal tunnel and bad posture. <3

Until next time my friends, stay weird.

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