10 of the Most Crazy-Awesome Workouts We Tried in 2014

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We’ve tried some pretty crazy-awesome stuff in our day. Crickets. Aqua Zumba. Pilates in a Plexiglas pod. But 2014 was a whole other story. Take a look at the wild Gym Workouts and Workout Programs we tried this year, all in the name of our abs.

#1: Live-Stream Cycle Classes in Your Living Room.

What you love about a spin class: You get an amazing workout from a live instructor who pushes you to your limits (while blasting Britney).

What you love about a home exercise bike: Nobody has to see your “exertion face” or lower-back sweat.

#2: Beyoncé Dance Routines.

Beyoncé-themed dance classes. Such a great idea. Sold out forever. However, there is more than one way to #surfbort. At NYC’s PRIM, Broadway Dance Centre and Brukwine it’s less about mastering steps and more about having fun.

#3: Indoor Skydiving

At iFly, after a brief training session on proper posture and hand signals, novices line up to take a turn inside the wind tunnel, where you’re literally faced with 180-mph winds.

#4: Indoor Surfing

At San Fransisco’s Sweat Republic, using a real six-foot surfboard balanced on three Bosu trainers, you do moves that mimic surfing — paddling out, popping up and squatting down to ride the waves. It’s a full-body workout that majorly tests your core strength (and your concentration).

#5: Boot Camp (With a Sense of Humor)

Fitmob is the community-oriented fitness group with a wicked sense of humor. With class names like Weapons of Ass Reduction, Drop It Like a Squat and Guns Like Gaga, you know you’re in for a good time.

#6: “Doga” (aka Doggie Yoga)

You and your dog walk together, you run together… hey, sometimes you even swim together. Why not do yoga together? After all, the term “downward dog” didn’t come from nowhere. Classes offered through Lakeview studio Ganesha Yoga and Adventures in Fitness.

#7: Fencing Sword Workout

Chasing your friends around with a sword? How hard can it be? Plenty tough, it turns out. We were shocked at how much nimbleness, strength and speed fencing requires. After donning a protective chest plate and mask, we learned offensive and defensive stances as well as let us jab a few good swipes with the lightweight, flexible foil. Sword Training is definitely a must for 2015 as well!

#8: Flying Yoga

Has all that exercise and meditation you’ve been doing lately left you feeling grounded? Take your peaceful self to the next level — that is, upside down — at Up Flying Yoga, an LA studio where you use circus aerialist equipment to perform yoga moves in midair.

#9: The Armed-Forces Workout

Think You’re Fit? Get ready for Hell Week. At CrossFit Santa Monica, two Navy SEAL veterans are behind the hardest iteration of CrossFit to hit L.A. Their regime is taken straight out of the Navy SEAL Hell Week playbook. Picture endless running and push-ups on the beach, rope climbs and treading water for a half hour with your arms tied behind your back.

#10: Naked Yoga

Yes, you’re really naked. And no, no one’s judging. Think of it more like a women’s locker room than a peep show. We took a class with only a handful of other ladies — of varying shapes and sizes — and felt totally at ease.

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Group exercisers who have only heard the swish of a blade from the confines of a movie theater can now grasp a Sword and become the stars of their own shows through Steel MBS. A martial arts format adapted for the home workout or group class setting, Steel MBS enables participants to experience firsthand the power of the Mind, Body and Soul with this weight loss exercise that involves moving a sword like a Samurai.

Working at a very high intensity, in Steel MBS you start and finish with a weapon, very much like a Thai Chi Workout, Even though most students don’t know what a kata is, but they build their physical strength along with their Mental strength with this Sword Training Exercises and reap the benefits of their Mind Body and Soul.

The dynamic Steel MBS format draws on two elements of Thai Chi and a Sword Workout. Yet these elements include no physical contact. The dull-tipped “fitness” swords used in your Home Workout are made of real steel slicing and cutting is done only through air. As a result, swords can do no damage unless they are handled improperly.

Steel MBS is A form of moving meditation. Participants feel empowered holding a weapon in their hands while concentrating on executing the moves correctly. “Your mind becomes stronger because you have to be present and focus.”

The low impact, high intensity lower-body movements elevate heart rate and improve cardiovasculor fitness while the sword movements sculpt, dramatically changing the shape of arms, shoulders and back. Repetitive movement patterns can be improved upon and eventually mastered. “It’s not about choreography or intricate moves or routines that you create. It is about relaxing your mind,”

Like traditional group exercise classes, moves are executed according to the beat and phrase. The high intensity, low impact moves, repeated over and over again to trance music between 135 and 140bpm, involve various combinations of squats, lunges and steps across the floor.

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Sword Skills at CAN DO

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When I was skimming the “What’s New At CAN DO” board last week, I noticed a posting for new Workout Programs being taught that included a Sword Workout. The flyer explained that the class consisted of swinging a wooden sword in various motions to give you a total body workout. Learning that, I was hooked immediately and I scheduled the next class into my planner. I mean, come on! What’s better than hacking and slashing a sword in the air while getting a workout while you do it? Exactly, nothing. When I arrived at the Sword Training Class on Thursday morning, I was seriously pumped to channel the inner swordsman in me.

Picking up the sword, I noticed that it was much lighter than what I expected. I was wondering how such an airy weapon could give my muscles any trouble, but then we started the workout. Toni quickly showed us that it was not the weight of the sword that would give us the workout, but the action of having to constantly control it. Specifically, you would wind up a swing and then half to stop it within a hundredth of a second. After ten minutes of these fast but controlled movements, my arms, abs, and legs were already sore.

As for the movements themselves, we started off with simple cuts and swings but then slowly strung them together into patterns and combinations. For example, we would do a set of swinging the sword diagonally in front of us, but then combine that motion with a forward lunge. Towards the end, our routines became very intense but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was doing all of it flawlessly since we had practiced the various progressions so many times. There were a few amazed onlookers that watched us make two blocking motions forward, sideway lunge to the left with two cuts, sideway lunge to the right with one overhead hack, do a straight squat with a head slash, and do alternating lunges backward while thrusting the sword in front of us.

As I’m writing this review the day after the class, almost my entire body is sore, especially my arms (it kind of hurts to type). I was amazed at what an amazing workout the class gave me. The various movements of the sword makes you use all the small muscles of your body that you don’t usually train when doing a workout. I will be doing this class every week now because not only is it great training, it is extremely fun. Even if you are a total pacifist, I cannot recommend this class enough.

This Gym only offers Workout Programs with wooden swords. If you are looking for a Sword Workout that is far more intense, and with a real sword, Try Steel MBS!

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You probably think that swinging a blade around like Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is going to leave you missing a limb. But don’t worry—the only thing you’ll lose doing a our Sword Workout is fat. That’s because Steel MBS combines Sword Training with a Thai Chi Workout. You will gain Physical Strength in your core while swinging a sword. Sound interesting? Read on to channel your inner warrior.


Don’t have your Steel MBS sword yet? Grab a dull, long, weighted object, such as a broomstick and walk into an open area with a tall ceiling (or no ceiling) and plenty of space. Perform the workout as a circuit, resting 30 seconds between exercises. (So you’ll perform all your reps for exercise A, rest, then exercise B, rest again, and so on.) Repeat the circuit as many times as it takes until you’ve been working out for 15 minutes—your goal is to eventually perform 15 minutes of continuous activity with no rest. Once you can do that, use a heavier object.

The Workout:

A Half-Cut
Grab your “sword” with both hands, palms facing each other, but separate your grip by four inches. Your right hand should be on top. Take an athletic stance and place your feet together. Keeping your arms bent, lift the “sword” over your head so the “blade” points directly behind you:

[1]. Take a short step forward with your left foot and simultaneously slice downward, so that the sword ends up in front of you with your bottom hand at waist level

[2]. Return to the starting position. That’s one rep. Perform 15 reps, and then switch your grip so that your left hand is above your right. Now you’ll step forward with the right foot. Complete another 15 reps.

B Full-Cut
Set up in the same position as you did for the half-cut:

[1]. Lunge with your left leg until it’s nearly parallel to the floor, and slice downward with your “sword” so that it ends up in front of you and your bottom hand is at waist level.

[2]. Return to the start position. That’s one rep. Perform 15 reps with before switching grips so your left hand is over your right. Now you’ll lunge with your right leg. Do 15 more reps.

C Horizontal Cut
Take an athletic stance with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the “sword” so your hands are slightly in front of your right shoulder and your “sword” extends behind you:

[1]. Rotate your hips and shoulders from right to left as you slice with your “sword,” tracing a line parallel to the ground and at your eye level, stopping when your bottom hand reaches your left arm pit

[2]. Return to the start position. That’s one rep. Perform 15 reps before switching grips, so your left hand is above your right. Now you’ll cut left to right, rotating your hips in shoulders in the opposite direction. Do 15 more reps.

D Thrust Lunge
Take an athletic stance with your feet together, and hold your “sword” with your arms bent and your hands near your left hip so the “sword” extends in front of you:

[1]. Lunge forward with your right leg until your front thigh becomes parallel to the ground and push the “sword” forward

[2]. Reverse the motion and return to the start position. That’s one rep. Do 15 reps before switching grips so you left hand is on top of the right. Now you’ll lunge with your left leg, and start on your right hip. Do 15 more reps.

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