Tai Chi vs. Steel MBS

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Ever Tried a Tai Chi Workout?

The history of tai chi is expansive, and you won’t find it detailed in its entirety here. That’s what Wikipedia is for. But what you will find here is a parallel between the values of tai chi and Steel MBS.

A tai chi workout consists of many aspects you would find in a yoga practice. There’s controlled breathing and movements, both of which promote a centeredness that should be harnessed—an awareness of only the current moment. It’s beautiful and freeing to be able to lose your consciousness in a form of meditation that incorporates determined movement.

I’ve experimented with many exercises other than yoga and tai chi; most have been inadequate in my opinion, but there is something special about Steel MBS (one of the reasons I decided to blog for them). It has to be the sword—it’s one of the only differences that separates Steel MBS from those other workouts that attempt to achieve a level of movement-driven meditation.

A tai chi workout incorporates rounded flowing movements; movements that can be done in the same manner with a sword, adding not only an increased level of intensity, but also allowing your consciousness to be channeled through an object. The sword allows those who struggle to achieve a meditative state to more easily achieve inner calmness.

This all sounds like existential bull, but truthfully, once you start practicing, the sword takes on a presence of it’s own–like a workout partner, but one with immense power.

What’s Exercise?

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Do You Have a Favorite Weight Loss Exercise?

Working out in general is tough…but we’ve already established that working out is not our favorite thing to do. Finding the right workout is also tough, but once you decide upon a particular direction and the type of results you want, then it’s all pretty simple.

You want a weight loss exercise? Great, boom, check off step 1. Now that you’ve decided on a particular result, it’s time to actually find a workout!

So, there are about 50 different gym workouts that you could do for weight loss, but screw the gym—no one likes it there.


Running? HA. Boring. And it’s bad for your knees. We’re already going to have carpal tunnel in our wrists from gaming so hard. The last thing we need is a bad knee or two.

Swimming? I can’t say anything to knock this weight loss exercise, but do you have a pool? Public pools are okay I guess if you’re cool with swimming in the sweat and urine of your neighbors. Hey, whatever floats your boat, Man.

Steel MBS? Now we’re talking! I’d swing a sword before I’d run or swim any day. It’s like being able to play a videogame in real life, except the buttons aren’t tied to any move in particular. It’s complete freedom with the bonus of being a truly effective workout!

Getting Your Dream Girl

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DaarioArmor copy

How many times are you going to watch the Mother of Dragons step out of those flames. Do you honestly think you have a chance with Khaleesi. Psh, yeah right, like you can compete with Daario Naharis. He has TWO swords!

(even though that image is a gross misrepresentation of how Daario is described in the books, he’s still devilishly handsome; and at least they got his swagger right).

But even he started somewhere. Probably with a sword workout of his own, with a wooden stick at the age of 3 somewhere in Tyrosh…better late than never I always say!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. About .3% of the people in the world would be juiced that you can meaningfully wield a sword around, but 100% will dig the fact that you are mentally, physically, and spiritually in tune with your body and the world around you from a sword workout.

Other sword workout routines…yeah right! Steel MBS is groundbreaking and unique–there isn’t another sword workout on the market like this one.

But let’s talk about workouts in general; they can be successful, but they aren’t as much fun as a sword workout! They’re a pain, they’re a burden, and one of the missions of Steel MBS is to be exciting, engaging and effective.

Put down the controller and hop on this sword workout! This isn’t preparation for dress up games; this is preparation for your self, your being, your mind, body, and soul.

12 Health Benefits From Practicing Steel MBS

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Proven Benefits of the Steel MBS Workout Routine:

  1. Fosters mental and spiritual relaxation
    Nothing calms you down quite like transplanting yourself into your sword.
  2. Decreases stress and anxiety
    A few swings, and the day’s drama disappears.
  3. Increases aerobic capacity
    This workout is not easy. It’ll get your heart racing.
  4. Increases energy and stamina
    Kiss those groggy mornings goodbye!
  5. Increases flexibility, balance and agility
    This is a meditative practice; reaching centeredness is key.
  6. Increases muscle strength and definition
    Our swords are metal and physicality is a third of this practice.
  7. Enhances quality of sleep
    Exercise is proven to induce better sleep patterns.
  8. Enhances the immune system
    Bringing yourself to a centered state boosts your body’s defenses.
  9. Lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure
    Steel MBS is a low impact, low pressure workout that’s great for individuals with health issues.
  10. Improves joint pain
    The Steel MBS practice incorporates targeted stretching that relieves joint pressure.
  11. Softens stiff muscles
    Repetitive activities result in the tightening of neck, shoulder and back muscles. The free flowing movements of Steel MBS allows for those tightened muscles to open up and relax.