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A Chronicle of a Man Hunting for Swords for Sale

“There aren’t too many things that are cooler than a sword. I’ve tried to buy swords online—because they’re epic and I want one—but I couldn’t justify spending $300+ on one. Hey sword sellers, stop trying to gouge the nerd’s wallet. We’re just as broke as everyone else.

“In my hunt for a more reasonably priced slab of steel, I Google’d ‘swords for sale’. Again, it was impossible to find something in my price range. All I wanted to do was buy swords online. You’d think that some company would have tapped into that market.

“I ended up giving up my search for a bit, until I started re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire. SO EPIC! There are some incredibly detailed sword fights in those books and it reignited my nerdy sword desires.

“So I once again attempted to buy swords online. This time I had much more success! I found Steel MBS.

“Although the sword came with a bunch of other junk I didn’t want, it was still cheaper than anything else I had found; and who knows, I thought, maybe I’ll throw in the DVD sometime and see what this workout business is all about.

“When I got my sword delivered, I was extremely impressed with the quality! The hilt is wrapped in real leather, the edge is sharp, and the sword feels very sturdy. I’ve been swinging it around like a madman, cutting down imaginary enemies for weeks! I feel great, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and the sword is still in perfect condition!

“Thanks Steel MBS! Your product kicks ass!”

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