Take a journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Step into the world of Steel MBS and become a warrior for elevated spirituality. Transcend everything you know about yourself.

Exercise should incorporate more than just your body. Exercise should be about your mind and your soul as well–a steel trifecta of well-rounded health. The Body is key, but it needs the mind and the mind needs the soul; the perfect trifecta together as one unit, a Steel spirit that is ready for anything the world has to throw at it.

We are a soul, with a mind to analyze and body to interact.

We use our mind,
we have our body,
but we are our soul–
always remember that. It’s key to reaching a Steel union of mind and body and soul.

Sword play is more than a tool for Knights and Samurais. This is a spiritual journey where the sword becomes an extension of your arm, guiding your movement and slicing through your negative energy.