A Skyrim Guide to The Best Weapons

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Check it out!

All right Skyrim ballers. I’m about to blow your mind with an epic guide to the coolest weapons in the game. No, I didn’t make the guide, and I’m not taking credit for it, but it’s awesome enough to share and it might help you out in your hunt for the most epic weaponry in Skyrim. Check it out!

So none of these weapons will one shot a dragon—like anyone would want to do that; some of the most epic moments I’ve had in-game have come while firing off my last arrow and realizing I only had a few potions left to take down an elder dragon—they will help you roll through the game in style. And what else could you want really?

At the end of the day, Skyrim is one of the most epic RPG’s released in the last ten years. If you aren’t addicted to furnishing your house (houses) or matching all the equipment you wear while strolling through town, some might say that you’re doing it wrong.

You know what I would say? Not that you’re doing it wrong, but that you’re missing out on some epic moments that just seem to happen when you participate a little more in the world of Skyrim.

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