A “Complete” Sword History

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Larp Swords Apparently Aren’t History Yet

Okay all you sword wielders—I doubt any of you are historians, so I thought I’d give you an hour and thirty minutes worth of video to nerd out to! Get ready for “Swords: Complete History of Swords” compliments of the good ‘ol History Channel.

Like many have pointed out in the YouTube comments, this video isn’t a truly “complete” history. There is not much on Chinese, Afghan, or Indian swords. More importantly there’s nothing about larp swords! What the heck, History Channel? But other than those few exceptions, this is a pretty sweet documentary.

Like I said, they didn’t include larp swords—sad days—but the narrator made up for it with that sweet accent.

In the history of swords, never has the practice of learning to wield steel been used simply to get into shape. Throughout history, warriors have practiced swordplay to prepare for battle—physical fitness was just a healthy byproduct that guilty warriors destroyed with wine and women. Or at least that’s what George R.R. Martin has taught me throughout A Song of Ice and Fire.

Steel MBS is a new chapter in the history of swords (not larp swords—sorry). Do you want to be a part of that next chapter?

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