11 Health Benefits From Practicing Steel MBS

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Proven Benefits of the Steel MBS Workout Routine:


1. Fosters mental and spiritual relaxation

Nothing calms you down quite like transplanting yourself into your sword.

2. Decreases stress and anxiety

A few swings, and the day’s drama disappears.

3. Increases aerobic capacity

This workout is not easy. It’ll get your heart racing.

4. Increases energy and stamina

Kiss those groggy mornings goodbye!

5. Increases flexibility, balance and agility

This is a meditative practice; reaching centeredness is key.

6. Increases muscle strength and definition

Our swords are metal and physicality is a third of this practice.

7. Enhances quality of sleep

Exercise is proven to induce better sleep patterns.

8. Enhances the immune system

Bringing yourself to a centered state boosts your body’s defenses.

9. Lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Steel MBS is a low impact, low pressure workout that’s great for individuals with health issues.

10. Improves joint pain

The Steel MBS practice incorporates targeted stretching that relieves joint pressure.

11. Softens stiff muscles

Repetitive activities result in the tightening of neck, shoulder and back muscles. The free flowing movements of Steel MBS allows for those tightened muscles to open up and relax.

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